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We love to help parents manage work, life and childcare. Its what we do all day, every day.

A small investment with a big impact.

BridgeCare reduces your employees’ monthly cost of childcare by 50% so they can be more focused and productive.

How does it work?


BridgeCare pays for half of your employees’ monthly childcare costs. That’s a good amount of stress taken off their shoulders as they work hard to be a great parent and a great employee at the same time.

Our monthly contributions pool as a personal loan to them. You cover the fixed interest on their payments—typically between $50-$250 per month—so they can rest easy and show up to work focused and productive.

BridgeCare will help support their payments for up to five years, after which they’ll have another five years to pay back the loan. Now, thanks to you, the cost of quality childcare has been made much more manageable.

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