Childcare Financing for Professional Parents.

Enabling families to pursue meaningful work, care and play.

The cost of childcare is more than college tuition in most states.

Quality educational childcare for young children helps develop their life-long aptitude for learning. Unfortunately, due to the high cost of quality care, families are often left with two choices: high cost credit card debt, or putting their own careers on hold. BridgeCare offers another way.

Access Higher Quality Care

High quality childcare comes with an intimidating price tag. And, critical brain development is the most important investment you will make in your child's life-long abilities. We provide affordable access to the care that is best for your family.

Reduce Credit Card Use

1 in 3 smart parents like you use credit cards to manage the expense of childcare. A BridgeCare payment is more convenient and less expensive than credit cards.

Save For College

You probably have a plan to save for your child's college education but for most of us, it keeps getting interrupted. With a set and forget plan, we help you capture your habit of paying for childcare to make you successful with your savings goal. And, we help keep you on track!

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