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We love to help parents manage work, life and childcare. Its what we do all day, every day.

BridgeCare  offers unique, payment plans designed for pre-kindergarten learning and childcare needs. It is the only solution of its kind to help families just like yours.

Reduce your monthly payments
by up to 50%

We work with almost every preschool, daycare and childcare provider in Washington.

Still looking for the right provider for your children? We can help.



Off your first monthly payment.

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Why BridgeCare?


Better quality care

Jessica wasn't happy with the childcare she could fit into her budget. BridgeCare gives her the extra wiggle room to afford better quality for her son, Ethan. Now Jessica trusts her childcare provider and goes to work worry-free.

Before BridgeCare


After BridgeCare



Pursue Career and Family

Amanda was shocked to discover that childcare in her area is over $18k a year. She felt like she had to choose between her career and her child. BridgeCare helps Amanda and her husband relieve that pressure on their budget and allows them both to pursue career and family.

Before BridgeCare


After BridgeCare


Michael & Sarah

Avoid Credit Card Debt

Michael and Sarah were already stretched thin with one child in childcare. With a second baby on the way, they couldn't see how they could afford to pay double. They considered using credit cards, but found BridgeCare instead. They love that BridgeCare is a responsible financial solution and super easy to use!

Before BridgeCare


After BridgeCare


How a BridgeCare Payment Plan Works


Complete your online application in minutes

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BridgeCare pays your provider in full each month

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You make lower, affordable monthly payments to BridgeCare

"BridgeCare is the missing piece in making sense of how to balance kiddos, career, and finances!"

Amanda, Mother of 2

Why is BridgeCare great for you?

We work with your provider

We work with every licensed provider in Washington.

Still searching for providers?

We can work with you before you start so you know what you can afford.

Never miss a payment again!

We pay your full provider payment on-time each month.

Friendly support along the way

We're accessible to you by chat or phone - and we love to talk!

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